Maybe you’ve heard about it: the rule of thirds. The rule of thirds will help you establish the composition during shooting. Find out how to use the rule of thirds in smartphone photography.

Looking to take your smartphone photography to the next level? Want to unlock the secrets of composition and create stunning photos? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered! Ever wondered about the rule of thirds and how it impacts your shots? Let’s delve into it together and explore the art of composition. Get ready to elevate your smartphone photography game and capture photos that stand out from the crowd. Let’s dive in and unleash your creative potential!

Rule of thirds in smartphone photography

Photography is an art without strict rules, but rather a set of guidelines to enhance your skills. Consider them as valuable starting points on your creative journey. While these guidelines exist for a reason and can help you capture better and more beautiful photos, it’s important to remember that adhering to them doesn’t guarantee perfection. Beauty transcends rules, and a stunning photo can emerge even when it deviates from the norm. Embrace the guidelines, but also trust your instincts and let your unique perspective shine through in every shot you take.

What is the rule of thirds?

The rule of thirds divides the image into nine equal planes. If you activate the grid in your phone, you will see that the planes are separated by two horizontal and two vertical lines. If you place the subject at one of the intersections, the photo looks ‘more pleasant’. The subject then has 1/3rd space in both horizontal and vertical directions on one side. And on the other side 2/3rd space.

Use the grid when shooting with your smartphone

Deviations are allowed

And of course you can deviate from the starting point. Just take a look at the example below.

De lucht wordt benadrukt en krijgt meer ruimte

Activate the grid in your mobile Phone

Did you know that most smartphones come with a built-in grid function? It’s often found in the standard camera app. Take advantage of this feature and turn on the grid. You’ll be amazed at how it can improve your smartphone photography. The grid acts as a helpful guide, allowing you to compose your shots more effectively and achieve better results. Don’t overlook this simple yet powerful tool that can elevate your mobile photography game to new heights.

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