On a regular basis, we go to the city of Rotterdam in The Netherlands for a few hours of smartphone photography. A while ago we were there and ran a night photography workshop. After the workshop fog entered the city. Quickly we reached for our smart phones and made the photo in this blog. Discover how we created the picture of the Erasmus Bridge in the fog.

About Rotterdam

If you like modern architecture, Rotterdam is one of the top cities in the Netherlands. Maybe even the top city. On and around the Wilhelmina quay, you can find many attractive buildings. The Erasmus Bridge is directly next to it. So you don’t have to walk far to photograph this beautiful bridge.

About smartphone photography in the city

Taking photos in the city is a lot of fun to do. We always make sure that we do not unwittingly capture people. And really focus on the subject and the composition. But more on that matter in a moment.


We took the photo in this blog at the beginning of December. It was a cold evening. And just before the workshop began, there was even some snow. But luckily it was dry in time. We had enthusiastic participants in the workshop. We ran a little late. In retrospect, that was a good thing. Otherwise, we wouldn’t have been able to take this picture.

As we walked back to the car, fog moved in. At first it was a small tuft of fog. And we thought it was smoke from a fire. But within a few minutes it was clear: the fog really set in. We grabbed our smartphones and started shooting.

Take Control over the settings

If you shoot with a smartphone, the software already adjusts most settings. Most times you don’t have to do anything technical with your camera anymore. But because of the large contrast, we made an exposure adjustment.

And of course we laid the focus point at the Erasmus Bridge. These are two super simple adjustments that give you more control when you need it. The adjustments make your photo look more the way you want it to.


In photography – also in smartphone photography or mobile photography, whatever suits you better – we find composition the biggest challenge. You can learn technique. And you often get atmosphere from certain weather conditions. Like in this case, the fog. And of course, people and animals often create atmosphere in your photos. The atmosphere in this photo is created by the fog.

So, let’s get back to the composition. The Erasmus Bridge in this photo is placed at about 1/3rd distance from the left edge of the photo.

Then we took some photo’s and enjoyed the view for a while when the fog rolled in. A few minutes later the fog was completely gone.

The photo: Erasmus bridge in fog

Derasmusbrge in fog, taken with a smartphone: Iphone 14Pro

Used Phone And Settings

  • Smartphone: Iphone 14 Pro
  • Camera: main camera
  • Exposure compensation: -0,3 EV

Post Process your smartphone photos

At first glance, the photo looked good. Now that is quickly the case when you view a photo on a small screen. The software in your mobile phone also ensures that the photo is displayed optimally.

But the photo was taken with an ISO value of 2,500. And smartphones are not yet so good at dealing with high ISO values. That’s why we applied noise reduction in Lightroom.

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