Every smartphone works in a different way. Still, most of the features are the same and may produce similar results. In this blog we take a look at the Iphone. We give you some practical tips for shooting with your Iphone. Learn how to quickly create better and more beautiful photos with your Iphone.

Don’t have an Iphone? No worries. Around 80% of people who own a smartphone don’t. Still you can take a look at the tips. You can probably apply them to your phone as well.

Photographing with your Iphone

In this blog about creating photos with your Iphone we give you 5 practical tips that you can almost always use.

Tip 1: Quickly access your camera via the lock screen

If you want to quickly take a photo and you don’t have your Iphone at hand yet, the moment you want to capture a photo may already be over. That’s just bad luck.

But do you already have your Iphone at hand and the screen is still locked? No worries. On the lock screen, the camera icon is located on the right bottom. Pressing or swiping opens your camera app. And you can take your photo at lightning speed.

Tip 2: Always use live photos

We recently got this tip from another Iphone user. As photographers, we are used to taking one photo at a time. With an Iphone that is of course also possible. But maybe you take the photo at the wrong time. Your model has a weird facial expression or you just have the car lights of that one supercar in view and the rest isn’t.

By taking your photos in the ‘Live photo’ mode, the chance that you will get the shot is many times greater. With live photo, your Iphone makes a short video of a few seconds. From that video you can get the one image you want to use. Here’s how it works:

  • Open the Photos app
  • Select the desired photo you took as a Live photo
  • Tap change
  • Tap the live photos icon
  • In the timeline, select the desired moment
  • Tap Done. Your Iphone then saves the photo

Easy, isn’t it?

Iphone Photography Better Smartphone Photo Live Photos
Select ‘On’ or ‘Live auto’.

Tip 3: Stay in control of exposure and focusing

Your Iphone is equipped with one or more good lenses. And the software with AI function (Artificial Intelligence) is good too. But it could be better. Your Iphone can’t do everything and sometimes you just have to help.

Make sure you keep control over the exposure. And that you focus where you want it. You can do that by using the standard camera app of your Iphone.

Iphone Photography Better Smartphone Photo Focus
Place the focus point where you want.

Tip 4: Superfast switch to video

If you’re in the camera app and want to make a video, you can swipe to the video function of your mobile phone. But it can be done even faster. By simply holding down the shutter button in the photo function, your Iphone will start recording the video.

Tip 5: Zoom in quickly and infinitely

Did you know that your Iphone has super fast zoom? If you are in the Camera app, you will see the zoom factor at the bottom of the screen. With the Iphone 14 Pro, for example, it starts at 0.5. That’s your wide angle. And the zoom factor goes up to 3. By placing your finger on one of the numbers and by swiping up you activate the command dial. Then you can zoom in perfectly steplessly by moving your finger left or right.

Up to a factor of 3 you have optical zoom. Your Iphone – in this example the 14 Pro – automatically switches between the 3 lenses. You maintain good image quality. You’ve probably seen that you can zoom in up to 15 times. But above the factor 3, there is digital zoom. The image quality then decreases rapidly. How far you want to zoom in, of course, is up to you.

So much for the short version of the 5 tips for shooting with your Iphone. Practice your Iphone photography when you feel like it and have time. Your photos will benefit from it. And take a look at 5 smart tips for shooting with your smartphone. Because those 5 tips will also help you.

Iphone Photography Better Smartphone Photo Zoom

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