Take better photos with your smartphone in 10 simple steps

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Do you find it hard to create the perfect smartphone photo?

Download our free guide “Better smartphone photos in 10 simple steps“. In this guide you will discover:

✅ The most important settings of your smartphone
✅ How to avoid unsharp photo’s
✅ How to create unique compositions
✅ How to capture atmosphere
✅ Which apps to use best
✅ How to really create better photos

We are Frank and Yvonne, founders of Better Smartphone Photography. Together we have 22 years of experience as professional photographers.

We are here helping you to improve your smartphone photography skills. Our mission is to provide useful tips, tricks insights and tutorials to help mobile phone photographers like you create better pictures. No matter your level or experience.

Smartphone photography is within reach for everyone. Discover with us how you can take better photos with your smartphone.

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