Hohem Gimbals – Make the moment and deliver as promised

Hohem was founded in 2014. Their slogan is ‘Make the Moment’, and that is what they do. They create intelligent imaging innovations and contribute to a more straightforward way of recording life through intelligent technology.

Over the last 8 years, with over 100 patent applications for its core stabilization system and related technical products, the firm specializing in independent R&D and innovation, has won a range of global awards, including the Red Dot Design Award (Germany) and SVIEF Disruptive Innovation Award (U.S.). Plus, it is selected as one of “Specialized, Special-new” &”Little Giant” enterprises in China.

With excellent innovations and outstanding products, its smartphone gimbal, action camera gimbal, DSLR camera gimbal, and other intelligent imaging products are sold well in over 50 countries worldwide. Currently there are over 2 million users worldwide.

This is great ‘marketing language’ of course. But we found out ourselves that the Hohem products we have tested work as advertised. That’s what counts.

To Independent Content Creators

This is how our life should be:

  • Always passionate and on the go
  • To scale the heights and to catch waves
  • To embrace the world while running toward better ideals
  • Let go off external shackles and find your way back to creation in your heart. Dream big, love what you do and let your passion shine.
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We work with hohem products ourselves

In early 2023 Hohem was introduced to us. To be honest, we knew the brand existed, but had never worked with their gimbals. We tested the Go and iSteady M6 gimbal and were convinced of the quality. The products worked as advertised and are easy to use.

We not only sell Hohem gear, we work with it ourselves.