Hohem GO


Hohem GO – the easy to use AI tracker with 360 degrees pan and 15 degrees tilt

Easy to use eye tracker for smartphones and tablets up to 11 inch. No app or Bluetooth needed. Great for attending online meetings, vlogging and live streams.


With its 360-degree pan and 15-degree tilt function, this next-generation tracking holder ensures consistent and precise tracking. The Hohem GO features innovative dual-axis, dual-motor rotation and a simple ‘turn it on’ button’. This ensures that it immediately starts capturing stunning shots with its 360° tracking capability.

Whether you’re taking selfies, filming vlogs, or live streaming, the Hohem GO acts as your reliable assistant, effortlessly capturing every extraordinary moment with ease. Its Italian retro style, characterized by a warm white surface and flowing curves, adds a touch of spirituality and artistic creativity to your device.

No app or Bluetooth needed

The Hohem GO has a built-in AI vision sensor, it operates seamlessly without the need for an app or Bluetooth connection.


So simple, that we use it ourselves

This AI tracker is very easy to use and it always works. When charged of course. We use it for example for:

  • Vlogging
  • Live streams
  • Online meetings


Holds large smartphones and even 11-inch tablets

The Hohem GO isn’t limited to smartphones or 11-inch tablets. Note that the maximum thickness is 13mm. With the addition of the Camera Mount Adapter – not included – this versatile accessory expands compatibility to include a wide range of action cameras and compact digital cameras weighing less than 400g. Now, you can fully unleash your creativity and capture the brilliance of any camera you choose.


Features of the Hohem GO AI tracker with 360 pan and 15 degree tilt function

  • AI tracking without app: as a motor-stabilized gimbal with AI-powered face recognition and tracking, Hohem GO makes shooting easier without an app or Bluetooth connection
  • Horizontal to vertical automatic conversion: Thanks to the innovative two-axis motors, the Hohem GO Auto Face Tracking can follow 360° horizontally and 30° vertically, making it easy to capture at any beautiful angle
  • Gesture Control: remote control that does not require you to touch the screen of your smartphone. The OK gesture quickly starts AI tracking, while palm showing stops tracking
  • Small but strong: It’s incredibly light – just 300 grams, and can hold an 11-inch tablet alongside a mobile phone thanks to Hohem GO’s motorized system, so you can enjoy the charm of freedom
  • Compact design: easy to use and start. The Hohem GO is portable and easy to carry, both indoors and outdoors, shooting anytime, anywhere
  • Retro Italian style with warm white surface and flowing curve, for a sense of spirituality and artistic creativity
  • Battery capacity: 3.7 V / 2000 mAh
  • Battery will last for 10 hours – 7 hours tracking – before a recharge is needed
  • Adjustable range: Pan: 360°; Tilt: -15° ~ +15°
  • Suitable for smartphones and tablets thinner than 13 mm
  • Suitable for tablets up to 11 inches (without case)
  • Dimensions: 90 x 93 mm
  • Weight: 300 grams


Package contains

  • Hohem GO
  • USB-C charging cable
  • Manual

Why you should use Hohem

It’s very simple. Hohem has great build quality. And maybe even more important: the gimbal works as advertised. AI tracking is an additional feature that is very easy to use.