Better Smartphone Photography has several partnerships. The companies involved are familiar to us. We have been working with them for some time. We know their products and use most of them ourselves. And more important, there is a real partnership. With not only benefits for the company or us, but also for you.

Let us introduce you to our partners.


All physical products we sell are shipped by Movidis, based in the Netherlands. Movidis is our trusted partner. And as a bonus – for us – working with them is fun too!

Movidis Logo

Hohem – the ultimate gimbal company

Hohem was founded in 2014. Their slogan is ‘Make the Moment’, and that is what they do. They create intelligent imaging innovations and contribute to a more straightforward way of recording life through intelligent technology.

This is great ‘marketing language’ of course. But we found out ourselves that the Hohem products we have tested work as advertised.

hohem logo