Improve Your smartphone Photography Skills Quickly and Easily with the Smartphone Photo Coach


A complete guide to smartphone photography on your phone.

Imagine how to crack the code. And unlock your potential as a photographer.

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Capture moments, travels, emotions and much more

The joy will be even greater if you just know how to take these shots you will cherish in the future.

No shortcuts, a simple but very solid foundation. Anything is possible. Just follow your dreams.

As experienced full time photographers, we see that when it comes to the core, there is really no difference between photography with your phone or a ‘dedicated’ expensive camera.

Develop your photography skills now. Your phone is all you need.

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You can do it too: in just a few short hours you’ll be able to take photo’s like these.

Discover how to master photography

Don’t buy another mobile phone, you will not become a better photographer. Don’t settle for mediocre photos any longer.

Discover how to take those beautiful photos yourself. Unlock your full potential and take stunning, unforgettable photos.

Discover the joy of smartphone photography

Find out new stuff.

Capture and preserve special moments and memories of your life.

…..With a device that is always in your pocket and ready to go.

Take two hours to get control

And your photos will look better then ever before.

We created the ultimate guide for you. The Smartphone Photo Coach.

Take your smartphone photography to the next level! Our guide is packed with tips and examples that you can easily take with you. Your photos will never look better.

Imagine that you can take those photos too. And get comments like:

These look like professional photos!

Wow, how did you create this?

Love it!

Share these photos with who you want and grow on social media

You can reach your goals with a minimum effort.

Take beautiful photo’s. Just with the phone you’ve already got. No extra equipment needed!

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Get started today

It will not take long before

You’ll take great shots with your mobile phone.

Boost your confidence

We will help you. We are Frank and Yvonne.

When we started taking photos a very long while ago, the photos where not good.

Maybe you recognize this. The photos ended up in the bin. We showed them to nobody.

By taking a lot of photos and accepting the help from others, we improved on our photography game. The gear was not as advanced as today. Even the smartphone had to be invented.

Just, if you are curious, we worked with Canon and Nikon. DSLR and mirrorless. But the time has come that the quality and options of the dedicated cameras is within reach of the high end smartphones. So, if you own a smartphone, why not unlock your potential as a photographer.

Some 100,000 photos later we know how this game works. We enjoy it everyday.

We even started a business in photography.

Several Years later

Today we run a successful business in photography. We help and educate other photographers through our e-books, courses, personal coaching and practical workshops. From our respective backgrounds we like to educate. Give knowledge, experience and confidence. Hey, we still remember where we came from.

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The real deal: introducing the smartphone photo coach

We also found out that there are no secrets. There are no shortcuts. And no blue prints.

Promising you all of this would be untrue and a false claim.

But we can save you a lot of hard work. Stop searching for….

…Finding out how…

… Looking for…

We did al the frustrating and hard work for you.

Leave the struggle behind

We still see many photographers struggle. It can be about light, contrast or composition. Often, it is a combination of all those things.

It was a long road. We mastered it too. And by training many thousands of photographers we know how to explain and educate.

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The good news is there is an alternative to the struggle.

It is easy, cheap and will save you 99% of the trial and error you where about to get.

Start taking better smartphone photos today

Forget about long nights of searching for information that leads to more long nights of searching for even more information.

Just discover how it works. Without the natural talent. We also lack that…

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Capture memories and special moments

Capture the moments that matter most! Whether you’re traveling, celebrating birthdays, or attending special occasions, our guide will help you take amazing photos. Plus, we’ve got tips for work and business-related photography too. Don’t miss a single memory – get our guide now.

Learn – See – Create – Improve – Stun

Think like a photographer

Know what to look for

Incorporate in your photos what you need

And leave out what to distracts from the message your sending

Tell stories and show emotions

Connect with your viewer. Strong photos show emotions and tell stories. Capture the shots you want and need.

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Master smartphone photography today

It isn’t hard or difficult.

It is about knowing what to look for and what to do.

Master your phone photography today! No experience needed.

Meet the smartphone photo coach

Becoming a skilled smartphone photographer takes time and practice, but with our guide, you can learn the skills in just a few hours. Developed over four months by experienced photographers who have personally trained thousands of others, the Smartphone Photo Coach is designed to meet your needs and fit into your busy schedule. Invest a few hours of your time and start capturing stunning photos today!

57 Reference cards

Over 80 topics

150+ Tips

30+ Photos

Buy, download, start

Including back ground information

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Your photos are priceless

Discover how to unlock your potential as a photographer with our camera guide. Sign up and start learning within minutes. Master your camera in just a few hours! Get our value pack at a low price for everyone, everywhere, at any time. Only 7.99 euros (valued at € 39.95).

It’s up to you

Don’t settle for mediocre photos. Upgrade your photography game with the Smartphone Photo Coach. Join now and start improving your photography skills in just a few minutes. Capture your memories like a pro.

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