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Improve your mobile phone photography in just 2.5 hours

Do you want to learn to take amazing pictures with your iPhone and create colorful, breathtaking photos?

Join us for this 2.5-hour iPhone photography workshop and make the most of your photography. You will no longer have to worry about blurry or boring photos. Everyone will be asking you to take theirs!

You don’t need any knowledge of photography or mobile phone photography beforehand. All you need is an iPhone 6 or newer.

About the smartphone photography class with iPhone

You can do it too. Take impressive photos with your iPhone. If you want to learn how to capture precious memories, improve on your travel photography or want to boost your creativity. Photography is your personal art form.

The workshop is aimed at taking more beautiful photos yourself. Everything you learn can also be applied after the smartphone photography workshop. And that’s what it’s all about.

Practical and fun

We promise you a fun and educational workshop. After a short introduction you’re going to shoot a lot of photos yourself. You will get expert guidance from our professional photographer and – if you want to – make some practical assignments. If you have any questions about smartphone photography, please feel free to ask. And of course, you’ll get personal guidance. We’re doing this together.

What you will learn

  • How to focus: ensure that your photos are sharp where you want them to be sharp
  • How to apply correct exposure: learn the benefits of exposure compensation in practice
  • Hw to create strong compositions: create more interesting photographs by understanding and applying composition guidelines
  • How to capture the moment and take compelling photos
  • How to take pictures in different lighting situations

So let’s combine proper technique – which is very easy, and pay attention to depth, atmosphere, creativity and spontaneity.

Maximum flexibility

You’ll have maximum flexibility in this workshop:

✅ Bring your own group, from 2 up to maximum 10 people. So bring, friends, familiy or colleagues
✅ Times and dates are flexible. And can be changed, up to 24 hours in advance
✅ Choose your language: English or Dutch
✅ Choose the location

What do you need to participate

You don’t need much to get involved. If you have an iPhone you’re very welcome. Furthermore, make sure that your iPhone has:

  • A fully charged battery
  • Free memory to store your photos
  • Maybe some walking shoes and small bottle of water
Mockup Small 4

Get the smartphone photo coach on your phone

Every participant gets the digital photo coach after the workshop.

The Smartphone Photo Coach is the ultimate guide for smartphone photographers. With 57 reference cards, over 150 tips, and over 30 example photos, our guide will help you take your photography skills to the next level.

Summary of your benefits

✅ Get to know your iPhone and take those stunning photos
✅ Learn from the best: personal guidance by friendly and experienced professional photographer
✅ 1-to-1 tuition with tips, advice and feedback
✅ Free digital photo coach with 150+ tips valued at 39,95 for each participant
✅ Free drink at the beginning of the workshop
✅ A fantastic time
✅ Build your confidence

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